James Massone and Wade were pitted against one another for tonight's battle round on 'The Voice.' The boys, who were selected as members of Big Papa's (aka Cee Lo Green's) team, each had a different approach to Cyndi Lauper's power ballad 'True Colors.'

During the mentoring sessions, Massone was nervous and not comfortable with the material, while Wade's soulful R&B voice was a natural fit for the pop ballad. On paper, it seemed like Wade had this battle in his back pocket. But the execution was markedly different.

When the terrific twosome rehearsed the song before the battle round, it brought Cee Lo to tears. He is such a teddy bear! We wanted to hug him.

Blue collar Boston boy Massone was adamant about the fact that he doesn't want to go back to work at the body shop and he doesn't have to, since he prevailed over Wade, delivering a flawless performance that had motivation as its battery power.

Yes, James looked adorable in his varsity jacket with his initials sewn on the front. He was smooth, while Wade was a bit pitchy throughout. Cee Lo loved how cocky and confident James became in the performance setting, and while Wade's talent is innate, he was nervous and it showed, so said his coach. Cee Lo struggled to make the choice but in the end, but it was James Massone who earned his coach's vote and he is off to the live rounds, which begin next week.

Congrats to James Massone. We're also pretty sure we'll hear from Wade again.

Watch James Massone and Wade Perform 'True Colors' on 'The Voice'