Whoa! Jamie Lynn Spears is back and ready to conquer the PopCrush Top 10 Video Countdown!

The singer's 'What Could I Want More' dropped off the charts, but is back, joining big sis Britney Spears. Another artist having a huge week is Lea Michele, whose 'Cannonball' video jumped to the No. 2 spot on the countdown!

Miley Cyrus, Eminem and Demi Lovato are still holding strong in our rankings, but they shouldn't get too comfortable. With One Direction, Shakira and Kylie Minogue debuting new videos to the countdown this week, next week's Top 10 could be anyone's game!

The poll will be open until 3PM ET on Thursday, so make sure to vote for your 10 favorite videos once an hour. We’ll announce the new champs of the PopCrush Top 10 Video Countdown on Feb. 13 after 4PM ET!

  • 10

    Zendaya, 'My Baby'

  • 9

    Jamie Lynn Spears, 'How Could I Want More'

  • 8

    Miley Cyrus, 'Adore You'

  • 7

    Eminem, 'The Monster' Feat. Rihanna

  • 6

    Demi Lovato, 'Neon Lights'

  • 5

    Rihanna, 'What Now'

  • 4

    Britney Spears, 'Perfume'

  • 3

    One Direction, 'Story of My Life'

  • 2

    Lea Michele, 'Cannonball'

  • 1

    Backstreet Boys, 'Show 'Em'