The best things in life are 'Free,' right?

Graffiti6 member Jamie Scott stripped down, not to his skivvies, but to perform a soulful, cozy and intimate version of the single 'Free' for Transit TV's Rush Hour Acoustic Sessions. It's the lead track from the Graffiti6 EP of the same name. You can nab the EP here if you like what you hear.

So what or who is Graffiti6? Well, for starters, it's a collab between Scott, a super cute and charming British singer-songwriter, and Tommy D, a songwriter and producer. In theory and in execution, it's a thrilling and unpredictable mish-mash of pop, R&B and more specifically, British Northern Soul, with a touch of psychedelia thrown in to keep things interesting. They will release their full length LP 'Colours' in 2012, but this warm and fuzzy version of 'Free' should be enough to either capture your interest and make you want to hear more.

The video and performance are striking in the camera angles -- we like when side angles come in, when the shots are black and white, and for a second, when the footage looks like it's from a surveillance camera. Also, the fact that it's just Scott and his guitar is great, since he's vulnerable, exposed and captivating as he performs.

Watch Jamie Scott Perform an Acoustic Rendition of 'Free'