We're always dying to get our hands of every piece of information even vaguely related to One Direction that we can find. So when one of their collaborators, artist and songwriter Jamie Scott, sat down with MTV to divulge the inspiration behind the name of One Direction's upcoming single 'Night Changes,' we were totally thrilled. The best part? The backstory something is we never would've seen coming.

Jamie told MTV: "One of the songs on the record came from myself falling out with Julian Bunetta and John Ryan." According to Jamie, the writing process with One Direction sometimes takes place at his house, because he has a studio there where they record. Because the 1D guys and their songwriting team are clearly virile youths who don't have to tend to the needs of baby humans (we say humans because Zayn does have a plethora of pets), they would often work through the night. But Jamie does have a kid, so he had to leave the sessions early to take care of his child.

One day, when Jamie came down to listen to the tracks the team had written earlier, he wasn't too happy to discover the songs had been changed beyond recognition: "One night I came down to the studio, and three songs that I thought were sounding amazing when I left had been changed drastically through the night." Uh-oh! Jamie then called Julian and John a name that he decided wasn't suitable to repeat, causing a rift between the trio.

Thankfully, something good came out of the situation, because although the theme of the song has nothing to do with the argument, the track changes made throughout the night did inspire the name of (you guessed it) 'Night Changes.' And just in case you were wondering, things have since been resolved between the three.

No word yet as to when the single is going to come out, but we can't wait to hear it! Check out the video above to hear Jamie talk about 'Night Changes.'

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