A year after the release of her debut album, 'The Archandroid,' Janelle Monae has gone from being unknown to becoming a chart-topping, Grammy-nominated artist. So how is she going to top the success of her previous effort? The pop songbird is going to release not one, but two new albums in 2012.

During an interview with Back to Rockville, the Kansas City, Kan., native said that she took a break from touring just to record her two albums, which have no scheduled in-store dates, as of yet. "I will release them according to my soul clock; so I reserve the right to change that," she says. "But I will try to stick to the scheduled release dates, which I know but can't say. I will be thinking about Kansas City and all the people here who have supported me as I continue to write songs that empower, encourage and make you dance."

This would be an amazing feat if she can pull it off. It's hard for most artists to complete just one album in a year let alone two, so Monae has her work cut out for her.

Last year, Monae co-headlined with her male counterpart Bruno Mars on his Hooligans in Wondaland Tour. The 'Cold War' singer plans to hit the road next year, as well. "Everything is about timing," she says. "This year was about the beginning of my career and working with established artists. Next year, we'll step it up a little more."