Janet Jackson is a diva. Want proof? Well, Miss Jackson's tour rider leaked, revealing all the things she requests (some might call this a list of "demands") from the venue and promoter when she comes to play their town.

In addition to a thermostat set to 72 degrees prior to her arrival, air vents are to be covered. She wants both unscented candles (3 to 4 inches in diameter) and unscented Huggies hand wipes at her disposal, as well as organic peanut butter and black towels. Black towels? White or red or beige are not sufficient?

Jackson also wants a variety of news, entertainment and fashion publications, too!

The big no no? Alcohol, of any kind. Also, if anyone else appears on the bill, comedian or otherwise, they are not to make jokes about or mention her famous family, her late brother Michael or the Nipplegate drama from the Super Bowl a few years back. Is anyone allowed to breathe without permission?

Jackson also commands at an impressive $475,000 guarantee for each gig. She brings her own sound and lighting, but it comes at a cost of $25,000 per show, which the promoter must reimburse her for.

Anything else? Uh, yeah, there's plenty!

Here's the entirety of the rider, posted by the Post Chronicle.

- Uncented candles - "3" to 4" in diamater"
- Cut white tulips or white gardenias or white roses
- Dressing room must be stocked with fruit and beverages - no alcohol
- Orbit chewing gum
- Gatordade
- Assorted Crystal Lite drink mixes
- Organic peanut butter
- Black towels (12 hand towels; 4 bath towels and 12 wash clothes)
- Professional make-up mirror
- 1 power strip
- microwave
- refrigerator
- 2 space heaters
- Electric tea kettle
- Facial tissues
- Huggies uncented hand wipes
- Air freshener - non-floral scent
- Variety of news and entertainment, fashion magazines
- Paper goods, eating utensils
- TV - with cable
- iPod dock
- High speed internet