Want to see the Janoskians strip down to tighty whities and run through Los Angeles? Lucky for you, they did just that in their new "LA Girl" video!

The guys, who are notorious for their amazing sense of humor, kick off the video (fully clothed) by announcing "This is L.A. streaking." What happens next is pure Janoskians awesomeness.

Beau Brooks, Daniel Sahyounie and Jai Brooks stripped down to their skivvies and proceeded to wreak havoc all over the city. This includes interacting with pedestrians, crashing a business meeting and, literally, running around. It's utter mayhem and only a group of guys like the Janoskians could pull it off.

And if you think that's crazy, just wait until the three guys remove their underwear. (Yep, that's a thing that happened.)

Sadly, we have no explanation as to why James Yammouni and Luke Brooks didn't shed their clothing, but judging by YouTube comments and tweets, fans were noticeably disappointed.

Of course, Janoskians fans know that when the group gets together, anything can happen. They've previously rocked out on a beach in their "That's What She Said" video and started a dance battle in their "This Freakin' Song" video. Oh, and there was that time they led a Frozen sing-along. Stripping down to their underwear (and, at times, less than that)? Just another one of their antics.

You can watch the Janoskians stir up a little trouble in their "LA Girl" video above!

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