Jason Derulo is truly a global superstar. The singer recently lent his talents (and his good-looking visage) to Japanese singer Jin Akanishi's video for 'Test Drive.' It's not uncommon for American celebs to lend their images to commercials in Japan and here, Derulo is behaving similarly!

'Test Drive' is a dark, clubby song, with an accompanying dark, clubby video, complete with hot chicks, sweet sets of wheels and a scorching hot Japanese pop star. The hot American pop star featured in the video is more window dressing! It's a perfect storm of hotness.

Judging from this video and this song, Japanese pop doesn't seem to be that much different than its U.S. counterpart. It's about a slick sound and a sexy look, all the while making liberal use of beats that the listener will want to dance to! It's a universal formula that transcends cultural boundaries. It works no matter what language you speak or where you live!

Derulo appears in many places in the video, in black aviators, busting a move, leaning against a car and offering some vocalizations. He looks so at home in front of the camera. The video portrays the seedy and sexy underbelly of dance culture. It feels like someone is pulling back the curtain for us to enjoy a voyeuristic look!

Watch the Jin Akanishi 'Test Drive' Video Feat. Jason Derul