Tonight's 'The Voice' featured the first live performances, and rocker Jared Blake sang Kings of Leon's massive, breakthrough hit 'Use Somebody,' which was a perfect match for the bald, tattooed rocker's powerful voice and his broody resonance.

Blake is a member of Blake Shelton's team, and before he performed, Shelton made a very important point, saying that Blake struggles with an internal battle of whether he is rock or whether he is country, because he straddles the line and is a whole lot of both. It is Blake's -- we know, so many Blakes -- blessing and his curse to have a foothold in both worlds, but he is eventually going to have to pledge allegiance to one genre or another in order to focus his energies, efforts and to achieve success.

Blake, also known as "Mr. Second Chance" since he was selected the second time around, was the man in black. He looked every badass inch the rock star -- and he reminded us a bit of Daughtry -- with his blazer, his glittery bandana and his layers of necklaces. He wasn't afraid to sing up close and personal to the crowd and even serenaded a pretty blond in the crowd.

"You did make it all about yourself up there. There is no critiquing your performance," Christina Aguilera said. Adam Levine recognized that 'Use Somebody' was the perfect song for Blake's voice.

Shelton, who asked the singer to think about his six kids and channel all that love and passion into his delivery during his performance, assessed his team member as more rock than country this time out. "I am so tired of the last chance, second chance stuff," Shelton asserted. "This is your time. The struggle of whether you are country or rock? Dude, you are a rock guy. You get into the crowd and you kill it."

Then call Jared Blake a murderer, like Steven Tyler said to Pia Toscano during 'American Idol.' Because he killed it!

Watch Jared Blake Sing Kings of Leon's 'Use Somebody' on the 'The Voice'