Jared Leto's long, luxurious, ombre locks have long been the subject of admiration and envy from men and women alike. But it looks like that beautiful head of hair has been cut short, as Jared took to Instagram earlier today (March 2) to unveil a totally different look, much to the dismay of fans everywhere.

Jared posted a black-and-white photo of someone's hand -- we assume said hand belongs to a hairdresser -- taking scissors to his lush ponytail. You can check that photo out below. He captioned the shot, "I miss my beard already," which is not very descriptive as far as the hair on his head, but we're guessing he also shaved his face. Talk about a total transformation!

David Ayer, director of the film Suicide Squad which Jared is set to star in, later posted a photo on Twitter of Jared sporting a super short haircut with his face clean of stubble. We haven't seen a truly clear photo of Jared's new hair, but it looks like those years of careful shampooing and conditioning so as to maintain that healthy shine and prevent breakage have come to an end -- or at least have to be modified to fit short hair. We assume this will at least save Jared some time while he's in the shower.

Fans, of course, took notice and mourned his long hair. Comments ranged from thedeadlylove's "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!" to patatamon's desperate cry of "PLEASE DOOONT!!!" to alexmariesmith writing, "my day is ruined. He got rid of his ombre hair and beard." We understand all of your reactions -- change can be hard to embrace.

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