Forget about Lupita Nyong'o and Miley Cyrus… June Squibb is the real woman in Jared Leto's life! The 'Dallas Buyers Club' star, who just won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, interrupted fellow Oscar nominee June Squibb's interview with Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet to inform him that the two are, in fact, an item.

"Let's put the rumors to rest: We are indeed dating," Leto told Seacrest, as he put his arm around the 84-year-old actress. (Quotes via Us Weekly.) "It's great! I have been having fun. I hope she is too."

"Oh, I'm having a wonderful time," Squibb cracked. "Our evening in Santa Barbara was great."

The "evening in Santa Barbara" that the 'Nebraska' actress is referring to is when the two met at the Santa Barbara Film Festival in early February 2014.

While Leto has been known to joke about his supposed romances -- he referred to Lupita Nyong'o as his "future ex-wife" during his acceptance speech at the Independent Spirit Awards -- there is one lady who means the most to him in his life: his mom, whom he graciously thanked during his Oscar acceptance speech.