It looks like Jared Leto is going green for his upcoming role in the David Ayer directed movie Suicide Squad.

The actor-slash-musician posted a photo of what many outlets are reporting is his new look for his role as the Joker in the upcoming film. The photo -- which was delivered via the photo-sharing app Snapchat -- was taken from a low angle and shows off Jared's freshly dyed green hair. His lips also appear to be smeared with red lipstick -- which is pretty much the Joker's signature look.

In case you haven't had Internet, access to a television or were simply unaware of pop culture over the past few years, you may not realize what a huge departure this look is for the 30 Seconds to Mars singer. Fans were in for a huge shock back in March when the actor posted a photo showing a pair of scissors about to chop off his long, ombre locks. Fans flooded social media with comments ranging from confusion ("WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!)" to pleas of desperation ("PLEASE DOOONT!!!!") to defeated resignation ("my day is ruined. He got rid of his ombre hair and beard").

As though the simple act of chopping off his locks weren't enough, Jared then went on to dye his hair platinum blonde days later, forcing fans to accept even more change in such a short amount of time. We have to commend him for really devoting himself to the role and not just churning out a performance in a cheap wig, but we will forever mourn the loss of Jared's long hair.

You can check out a photo of his green hair over at the Huffington Post.