Celeb photographer Terry Richardson has photographed tons of famous people, including Lady Gaga, Kesha, and Katy Perry. Now, 30 Seconds to Mars frontman Jared Leto is stepping in front of the camera for Mr. Richardson.

Richardson caught up with Leto before a Yves Saint Laurent fashion show, and the duo cruised to the show together in a swanky car. Leto wore a black mesh tank top with nothing underneath, which made him look like an extra in a cheesy '90s techno music video rather than a rock star. While in the vehicle, Leto also channeled a 'Jersey Shore' juicehead, flexing his biceps for the photographer.

Later on at the show, Leto also posed for a picture with 'The Devil Wears Prada' actress/Jim Halpert's wifey Emily Blunt. Leto kept his stoic expression, proving that the 30 Seconds to Mars singer may look like he's ready to party in that mesh tank, but he's in fact a dead serious fashionista.

Seriously ... A mesh tank top? We know that Leto likes to show off his uber sexy bod, as he is often seen shirtless or wearing extremely low cut tank tops, but the mesh is a bit overkill. Right Said Fred called and he wants his shirt back!