Jasmine Thompson's hauntingly beautiful voice is at the top of its game in Robin Schulz's new video for 'Sun Goes Down.'

The visual portrays people of all different backgrounds and in all different locations, starting their days in all sorts of different ways. However, the one thing that ties them all together at the end of the day is when they marvel in the beauty of the sunset. Poetic, right?

The upbeat energy of the song complements the "seize the moment" vibe of the lyrics.

"Doesn't matter where we are are are are," Jasmine sings. "Doesn't matter, no / If there's a moment where it's perfect / We'll carve our names."

With its positive theme and infectious beat, 'Sun Goes Down' is the perfect track to get you hyped for the weekend! We know we'll be jamming to it tonight. Check out Robin Schulz's 'Sun Goes Down' video featuring Jasmine Thompson above!