Music videos are usually fun and fluffy and mindless entertainment. But on Wednesday, July 18, Jasmine V will premiere the clip from her new single, 'Didn't Mean It' -- and thanks to a buzzy preview making the rounds, we know it will be anything but "fun."

Unless, of course, you're sick enough to use that word to describe domestic violence.

The 18-year-old Villegas, perhaps best known for co-starring with Justin Bieber in his 'Baby' video two years ago, starts off the trailer with a statement:

Everybody has a story. This is part of my story and it has made me who I am. Never feel embarrassed or ashamed of any trials you've endured. Grow from it and never look back. You are not alone.

Then we see Villegas lovingly caressing someone who appears to be her sleeping boyfriend -- but that peaceful scene doesn't last. Cut to the singer answering someone pounding on her apartment door and then being slapped around and dragged by her hair while she screams. To say it's disturbing is a vast understatement.

We don't see who the assailant is, but shortly after the trailer hit the interwebs, Villegas' BFF Rob Swanson tweeted, "For everyone asking, YES, that trailer is a true story from @JASMINEVILLEGAS last relationship. ‪#truthisout"

That got everyone in a tizzy because in addition to starring in the 'Baby' video, Villegas was also Bieber's girlfriend for a while (pre-Selena Gomez, of course). But while the Biebs may not have the best judgment, he apparently isn't the subject matter here -- those "honors" apparently go to Villegas' most recent boyfriend, a rapper who calls himself Jinsu.

If that name sounds familiar to Beliebers, it should -- about a year ago, Jinsu started a stupid Twitter fight with Justin by dissing Gomez, which maybe should've tipped off Villegas that this guy was no Prince Charming.

Anyway, there's been no confirmation from Villegas' camp that Jinsu channeled Chris Brown during their relationship, but the implication is more than clear. Which, unfortunately, will probably only serve to raise Jinsu's stock among the idiots who think that kind of behavior is badass or sexy or anything other than the sign of someone who could use a good smackdown himself.

The full version of 'Didn't Mean It' premieres Wednesday, July 18, on MTV Buzzworthy.

Watch the Trailer for Jasmine V's 'Didn't Mean It'