If you want to get ahead start and memorize the lyrics to 'Fight for You,' which could be the next single off Jason Derulo's sophomore platter 'Future History,' then we've got some good news. You can get a jump on things by enjoying this futuristic, fast-paced lyric video for said song.

We're loving this lyric clip since the words come flying at you in 3D. They burst off the screen like asteroids. Even the harmonized lyrical parts, like "Ba Bam Ba Eh!" or "Oh woah" are spelled out on screen. It's a cute touch.

So many lyric videos are clever, created and overloaded with graphics and assorted images and morph into these elaborate clips that could take the place of the actual video for the song. But Derulo and his people keep it simple and focus on the actual words that he is singing.

It's an effective strategy that allows the viewer to zero in on the song and the lyrical sentiments of this world music flavored track. We found ourselves totally zoned in on Derulo's dreamy vocals for the entire length of the lyric clip.

Can we just say that we crush hard on Derulo for being able to sample Toto's 'Africa?

Watch the Jason Derulo 'Fight for You' Lyric Video