Jason Derulo has a bit of a kinky side that he likes to indulge. The singer has revealed that he has engaged in foursomes!

According to TVNZ, the singer -- who is officially 'Ridin' Solo' after reports that he was dating former 'American Idol' winner Jordin Sparks proved false -- was not shy about revealing that he is, um, adventurous in the bedroom. In fact, Derulo and his college roommate threw down and made a bet over who could sleep with the most women in one term.

"I won by far," Derulo admitted. "I think it was like, six." While this behavior is pretty typical and standard for college dudes with lots of testosterone, it's not exactly a revelation becoming of a pop star like Derulo!

He revealed even more details, and for some, it may be too much information. For others, it's just a "boys will be boys" scenario. "I've had foursomes. It's all in good fun. I'm not in a relationship or anything, so it's fine," Derulo said.

Despite the bet he made with his roomy and his penchant for multiple partners at once, Derulo said his mom taught him that being a gentleman is a priority. He also said he won't mislead his partners on thinking that more is possible if it's just a one-night stand on his mind! Hey, he might not be husband material right now, but at least he is honest.

In a chat with Celebs on Sunday, the singer said, "My mother wanted me to be a gentleman, and I am always. I'll never sell somebody a dream - if I'm not into it then I'm not into it. If it was just one situation, then I wouldn't make it seem like it was going to be anything else. I don't think you should ever mislead anybody."