Jason Derulo puts the moves on his 'It Girl' in the Collin Tilley-directed music video for the second single from his upcoming album, 'Future History.'

The video is largely black and white, which is a bit disappointing, considering the vivid colors in Derulo's attire and in the scenic views from the oceanside Malibu mansion where the clip was filmed, as shown in the 'It Girl' behind the scenes footage. Even some of the color shots have been dulled down to de-emphasize the color, aside from a few specific items that show up in bright detail, like a pink dress and a pitcher of orange juice.

As Derulo sings about finally finding the girl he's been looking for, viewers see slow-motion clips of actress Tika Sumpter, who plays the 'It Girl.' Derulo sings, "You could be my it girl / Baby, you’re the sh– girl /Lovin’ you could be a crime / Crazy how we fit, girl / This is it, girl / Gimme 25 to life."

The video follows Derulo as he wines and dines his girl at the mansion. He wears fashionable pinstripe and paisley suits for much of the video, while also sporting the more familiar leather jacket and t-shirt combo. The couple share a meal, sing and dance together, and eventually lock lips.

The mid-tempo song doesn't lend itself to a lot of dancing, but Derulo finds a way to work in some of his signature moves anyway, including a nod to Michael Jackson with a moonwalk on the lawn.

Watch the Jason Derulo 'It Girl' Video