Jason Derulo has been fighting with his girl, but he wants to 'Pick Up the Pieces' and move the relationship forward in a new song from his upcoming 'Future History' album.

The song opens with a series of whispers in which the only discernible word is "hearts." That's a preview of what follows, as the young singer tries to put things back together with the woman he still loves:

"My shattered heart is on the ground / I've got to see your face right now / Just tell me where and you'll find me waiting there / Can we forget the past / I miss you, I mean it / And if love is made of glass / Can we pick up the pieces?"

Derulo provides a glimpse of his falsetto throughout the song, and his vocals are complemented by a female singer who repeats an "ay na na na" backing vocal during the choruses. The melody doesn't blow us away, but it's pleasant enough to warrant repeated listens. The song is punctuated in its final moments with the sound of glass breaking.

We like most of what we've heard so far from 'Future History,' and while we're not feeling this one quite as much as 'It Girl,' 'Pick Up the Pieces' is a solid track with a message many listeners will be able to connect with. 'Future History' drops Sept. 27.

Listen to Jason Derulo, 'Pick Up the Pieces'