If you thought a wave of nausea or the dreaded middle seat were travesties of air travel, just be glad you weren't sharing an armrest with Jason Derulo on his most recent flight. Or, what was supposed to be his most recent flight.

On Saturday (August 15), the "Want to Want me" singer was kicked off a flight at Reno-Tahoe International Airport that was headed to Los Angeles. A rep for Southwest told Entertainment Tonight that Derulo and his staff didn't follow proper boarding protocol, and that the company had received complaints from fellow passengers that the Team Derulo was causing a scene. But Derulo told the site that it wasn't the case, and that the incident was one big understanding.

"It was a little mishap," he told ET at last night's Teen Choice Awards. The singer said that he and his team were trying to board through a TSA pre-check to avoid encroaching cameras, but weren't able because the airport's system was down.

"We were literally just trying to not cause a ruckus,” he shared. “My security was literally just trying to tell the agent, 'Can we go to this section so we don't cause a ruckus?' There's a lot of picture taking and that stuff going on. They weren't being very accommodating."

Derulo ultimately did make it onto the plane after a standard security check, but was instructed to disembark almost as quickly.

"One of the guys came on the plane, and one of my people were like, 'You're full of s---,'" he recalled. "They were like, 'You guys got to get out of the plane.' They kicked us all off the plane."

Southwest says the singer's group was ultimately refunded, and Derulo eventually made it to the West Coast via a private jet. May we extend our deepest sympathies...

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