Jason Derulo is an open book. No, really. The singer specifically wanted the video for 'It Girl,' his second single from 'Future History,' to be an open book.

He talked to MTV about the new clip, which was shot in a mansion overlooking the Pacific Ocean, a far cry from the dirty warehouse in which he was cavorting for the 'Don't Wanna Go Home' video. Derulo traded the party anthem vibe for something a little more stylin' and even looked to classic crooners like Ol' Blue Eyes for inspiration.

"For the video, I wanted it to be an open book," Derulo told MTV News on the set of the video. "I wanted it to be almost like a photo album, so every single scene is kind of like a picture that you're kind of looking into our relationship. So it is a 1920s vibe, it's black and white, very high fashion — you know, you'll see me very dapper in 1920s, Frank Sinatra-ish. So you'll see the cars from that era, you'll definitely feel the vibe of the house having that 1920s vibe as well."

Derulo also said that the vid for 'It Girl' trumps 'Don't Wanna Go Home' on an important level, saying, "It's very personal — far more personal than 'Don't Wanna Go Home.'"

While there have been plenty of "It" Girls in pop culture, Derulo offered his take on the perfect version of this cultural archetype, saying, "An 'It' girl to me is someone who is selfless, someone who's always thinking about others before she thinks about herself," he said. "You know, my mom is a very charitable woman, so I'd want someone who is in line with that kind of thought process. I also like a girl who's polite. I feel like that's a lost art, and just saying 'please' and 'thank you' goes a very long way with me. That's just so lost these days. So, ladies, it's OK to say 'thank you.' "

We guess that makes Jason Derulo an "It" Boy.

Watch Jason Derulo on the Set of the 'It Girl' Video