Jason Derulo has been a bit M.I.A., since his  neck injury he sustained while rehearsing for his 'Future History Tour,' followed by an performance on the 'American Idol' finale back in May. Still, Derulo has kept a low profile.

Until now. Kind of.

Rumors have been floating around about his song 'F--- Somebody.' Nobody knows where it came from, no one even knows what album it's off of since it's not on the track listing for his latest album 'Future History,' but it's here and it's making quite the impression.

The song has a really awesome club feel to it, and it's one that will easily get stuck in your head, so it wouldn't be much of a surprise if Derulo decided to release it as a single. The explicit version is... explicit (the word 'f---' is said 12 times in the 3:52 song) and features lyrics such as: "It's getting so hot now / To where you moving / I swear my body's feeling for more."

Should it make it to the radio airwaves, say as a single off of an upcoming album or  as a bonus track on a re-released album, we have a feeling it'd do well. Both of his previous albums, 'Jason Derulo' and 'Future History' have been certified gold, and 'F--- Somebody' is a really catchy song so we bet it'd do well too.

Though if it does hit radio, it would have to be an edited version with a more family-friendly title, something like... 'Love Somebody.' It's not as exciting as the original, but the beat is what really matters, right? We'll admit it, we fist pumped a little.

Listen to 'F--- Somebody' by Jason Derulo