If you've seen 'The Muppets,' you know one of the movie's big musical numbers is the song 'Man or Muppet,' which finds Jason Segel singing an impassioned duet with his Muppet brother Walter (voiced by Peter Linz) and contemplating each character's essential manhood...or Muppet-ness.

Segel discussed the song during a recent interview with Spinner, talking about the difficulty of finding a real-life human "version" of Walter and saying that he thinks 'Man or Muppet' deserves a shot at an Oscar for Best Original Song at this year's Academy Awards.

"At one point we wanted Michael Cera potentially to do the reflection of Walter in the mirror, in the big 'Man or Muppet' number," Segel recalled during the interview. While Cera ultimately ended up not shooting the scene, the filmmakers were able to get 'Big Bang Theory' star Jim Parsons to step in, and Segel couldn't be happier. "We couldn't have lucked out more than Jim Parsons. I mean, what a perfect cameo, huh?"

Segel's also a huge fan of the song, which was written by 'Flight of the Conchords' star Bret McKenzie. "I think think that 'Man or Muppet' should be nominated for an Academy Award," he told Spinner. "You can put that in print."

Watch Jason Segel and Walter Sing 'Man or Muppet' From 'The Muppets' Movie