'The Voice' Season 1 winner Javier Colon is currently in the middle of his post-win press blitz, and he stopped by Connecticut radio station WRCH to play his original song 'Stitch By Stitch' and to recap the whirlwind of his win. Colon also revealed the reason why he chose Adam Levine to be his coach, despite the fact all of the coaches wanted Colon on their teams, as well.

"It was his whole presence about it," Colon said. "He was like, 'I need you on my team.' He was that adamant about it and was jumping up and down. It was almost distracting to me. That was the energy I wanted to see from the coaches, since they keep me in the competition in the first rounds. So if they are that excited about you … I want to go on excitement. I wanted to go on a gut decision."

Colon -- who first picked up a guitar at age 7, but began singing from the moment he could talk -- said he showcased for a label right before he auditioned for 'The Voice.' He thought he was extremely close to getting a deal, but it fell through at the 11th hour. We bet the A&R guy who let Colon go is probably cursing the decision not to move forward with 'The Voice' champion! Colon, however, has a low-key and chill attitude about the matter, saying, "It was meant to be."

He also performed 'Stitch by Stitch' with his trusty acoustic guitar, a song which is tailor-made for radio performances. It was refreshing to hear Colon sing it out of the spotlight of the show and with less pressure. In this instance, the performance is truly about 'His Voice' and nothing else. No commentary. No coaches' chairs turning around. No public voting. Just Javier and a mic.