Javier Colon may have had failed record deals and stalled singles over the course of his budding career, but on tonight's elimination episode of 'The Voice,' the buttery-voiced singer sang a gorgeous rendition of 'Fix You' by Coldplay. Colon "fixed" his place as a favorite to win as he sonically acknowledged the fine line between staying true to a song's roots and making it your own; it was a line he straddled during his performance.

Overall, Colon has a classic R&B voice. His tone is pretty and his register is high; and as his coach Adam Levine noted, he sang the hell out of that song. Levine even sized Colon up with a superlative complement, telling Colon he has "one of the best voices I have ever heard ... Ever."

Colon, who took off his hat for the first time, does well with emotionally resonant songs, which 'Fix You' very much is. While he doesn't have much in common with Coldplay vocalist Chris Martin, Colon didn't alter the song in an unrecognizable way. In fact, he took Martin's song and gave it his signature Javier flair. Yes, we know that rhymes.

With this performance, the days of being dropped and abandoning "going nowhere" singles will be in the rear view for Javier Colon.

Watch Javier Colon Perform 'Fix You' on 'The Voice'