Javier Colon overcame coach Adam Levine's concerns about over-reaching with a dynamic but ultimately controlled reading of Sarah McLachlan's 'Angel' tonight on 'The Voice.'

The taped introduction showed Levine and his young charge at work on the song in rehearsals. The coach stated that Javier could "do anything" vocally, but added that this was also a concern. Apparently he thinks the singer reaches too far sometimes.

When it came time for the real performance, with Colon seated at the piano, he delivered plenty of fireworks, but he did it rather tastefully -- unlike, say, Nakia's overblown 'Sex on Fire' performance, in this dissenting Kings of Leon fan's opinion.

His performance inspired jealous remarks from fellow coach Christina Aguilera, who Colon spurred to join team Levine. She asked, "Why did you do it to me, Javier?"

Cee Lo Green continued the praise parade, declaring. "You epitomize the point of this show. You have the voice of an angel." Then it was time for Adam to admit Colon had the right idea, telling him, "You wanted to stick to it, and now I know why, because it was absolutely perfect!"

But is that what the voting public thinks? Only two members of Adam's team will move on. Viewers can now call in and vote to save one singer, then Levine will chose one more, sending two of his team home for good. Tune in next week to find out who stays and who leaves!

Watch Javier Colon Perform 'Angel'