Javier Colon was a contestant on 'The Voice' who managed to do the unthinkable: He got all four coaches to turn their big red space chairs around during the blind audition phase. His coach Adam Levine said that Colon has one of the best voices he has ever heard. We're not going to argue with that superlative assessment.

Colon, who is a father, has never let the "chew you up and spit you out" music business stop him, and on tonight's finale, he performed the tender ballad 'Landslide' with the inimitable legend Stevie Nicks, taking subtle direction from her as she lead the song. He met her in the middle, and it was earth-shattering.

The performance was a stunning collision of modern and classic, novice and legend and by the second verse, Colon and Nicks brought out the best in each other. The song exists as a vehicle for powerful voices, and when these two sang the signature line, "When I see my reflection / In the snow covered hill" in tandem, the roof was effectively ripped off. The hair on our arms stood on end.

Colon and Nicks closed their performance by sharing a hug. They were met with a standing ovation from all four coaches.

Levine said he had to fight off tears after the duet. "I'm pretty speechless. You just sang with Stevie Nicks and it is one of the most beautiful duets I've ever heard. Now you're one of my heroes. You deserve to win this competition," he declared.