Javier Colon, who's received a ringing endorsement from Justin Bieber via a Facebook post -- which should put him on the radar of 15-year-old girls across the world -- performed the original song 'Stitch by Stitch' on tonight's episode of 'The Voice.'

Strumming an acoustic guitar and crooning in his rich and creamy, R&B voice, Colon has been a favorite on 'The Voice' since his first episode. When he sang "put me back together / stitch by stitch," we couldn't help but connect with the singer, knowing his history of stops, starts and stalls in the music industry, thanks to failed record deals.

Colon's voice continued to build over the course of the song. But by the time he reached the final bridge, where he pushed the guitar behind his back and popped the microphone off the stand to walk across the stage and get closer to the crowd, it was abundantly clear that slow R&B-tinged pop ballads with lots of feeling are right in his wheelhouse. Now feels like Colon's time.

Colon set the tone for the night. Cee Lo Green said it best -- that Colon embodied the song and sang it like it was written for him. Blake Shelton and Colon's coach Adam Levine gave a nod to Colon for his voice, but also celebrated the amazing person that he is. You can't help but make like the Biebs and root for Javier Colon.

Watch Javier Colon Sing 'Stitch by Stitch' on 'The Voice'