One fan of the Wanted just got a concert souvenir that she never knew she wanted: One of Max George's socks stuffed with Jay McGuiness' hair!

WHAT?!? Let's back up: For some reason, Jay shaved the lovely curly locks on half of his head, leaving his left side even smoother than bandmate Max's signature chrome dome. Maybe he lost a bet or something? Or maybe he was channeling a video-game character, as one fan suggested via Twitter:

Jay showed off the crazy new 'do on Sunday (Sept. 29) at the SD2 Festival in Brighton, England -- but the hairy hijinks didn't stop there. Max put the clippings in one of his own black socks, then tossed the DNA-filled package into the crowd. The "lucky" fan who caught the hair-filled sock tweeted a selfie with the special souvenir. Her face shows a range of emotions:


A Twitter exchange with the band came with the request that she "take good care" of the one-of-a-kind -- we hope! -- souvenir:


One of a kind? Hmmm. maybe not. Jay has a lot more hair and there IS another sock out there missing its mate ...