With one day before Election Day, Jay-Z hit the campaign trail in support of President Obama and performed at his rally in Columbus, Ohio on Monday (Nov. 5).

Dressed in all black including a hoodie marked with a "B" to represent hometown of Brooklyn, Hov performed a medley of hits including '99 Problems.' Swapping out the word "b----" with "Mitt," Jay-Z spitted, "If you're having world problems I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but Mitt ain't one."

Unfortunately, the sound engineer forgot to use a clean edit as the backing track blasted the B-word repeatedly during each chorus. Despite that unfortunate gaffe, Jay performed other anthemic tracks like 'Run This Town, 'Encore' and 'On to the Next One.'

Afterward, according to AllHipHop, Jay-Z gave a rousing pep talk to attendees before introducing President Obama. "Change is on the way and its not an overnight thing," he said. "We [going] forward, we don’t want to go back."

President Obama returned the favor, thanking Jay-Z for his support as well as Bruce Springsteen who also performed earlier in the day.

"I told Jay-Z the other day that our lives are parallel. Nobody would expect us to be where we are today, when they met us, as younger men," he said. "Both of us have daughters and wives that are more popular than we are. Bruce Springsteen, all the work he’s done for this campaign. The Boss. Just like Jay, they tell a story about what our country is, what it should be, what it can be and what we should fight for."