We get to witness the inner workings of the 'Watch the Throne' project between hip-hop luminaries Jay-Z and Kanye West thanks to an artsy, 10-minute documentary that was filmed while the dynamic duo worked on the record.

The boys give us a bird's eye view of the dynamics of their relationship, along with slice-of-life snippets of heads being shaved, basketball games on TV, music equipment in cabs, studio rigs, architecture, tweets that West posted during the process and a candlelight dinner (and a vintage ring purchased in Paris), that also includes Mrs. Jay-Z and 'Watch the Throne' contributor Beyonce.

The mini-flick feels like a short film more than it does a standard music documentary of footage captured in the studio, and something tells us that's just how Jay-Z and Kanye West wanted it.

It's also somewhat of an intimate, and at times gritty, look inside the multi-faceted relationship between the two titans of hip-hop, which has grown through the years from mentor and protégé to friendship to equal playing field collaborators.

This fact is not lost on Jay-Z. Midway through, Hova reflects on working with West on many levels, saying, "He is like a brother to me. Seeing him from the beginning to where he is now, seeing how he has grown as a producer and an artist. I am seeing the guy I mentored."

And we're seeing the pair make rap history, as well.

Watch the 'Watch the Throne' Documentary