Jay-Z and Kanye West has been officially slapped with a lawsuit over a sample they used for a song on their platinum-selling 'Watch the Throne' album. Blues legend Syl Johnson has accused the rap duo of sampling his 1967 hit 'Different Strokes' for their tune 'The Joy' without his permission.

According to MTV, the suit, filed in Illinois federal court on Friday (Oct. 15), states that Hov and Yeezy sampled a portion of his song and did not credit him in the album's liner notes nor paid him for the use of the sample. Johnson also claims that West originally attempted to use the sample for his 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy' album but couldn't get it cleared in time. He is seeking an injunction on all copies of 'Watch the Throne' and requests a full accounting of sale and publishing money, along with punitive damages.

As we previously reported back in August, archival label Numero Uno Group posted a letter stating that a lawsuit was eminent if they don't properly credit Johnson and pay him what he's owed for the use of the sample. Johnson seems really upset that West didn't reach out to him first before using the sample for his song. In a television interview with a Chicago news station, the blues guitarist says that the West has worked with him and his daughter (R&B singer Syleena Johnson) before so he's perplexed by his actions.

Come on on fellas, pay the man!

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