Jay-Z and Kanye West's bombastic song 'Lift Off' is certified stadium music and is rumored to be the next single from the rap tandem's polarizing album 'Watch the Throne.'

The track is credited with three producers (West, Q-Tip and Pharrell Williams) as they create an awakening sound of charging trumpets, computerized beats and crackling snares.

Yeezy kicks things off announcing that he's ready to fly and take his music to the stratosphere. "Lift off / Taking my coat off / Showin’ my tattoos / I’m such a show off / I feel the pain and then roll off / I got the whole city, they about to go off / How many n----s with me up in this b----? / How many people wanna roll with me now?"

Hov follows with his verse explaining why he jumped back in the rap game with Kanye. "Lift off / Rappers hear 'Watch the Throne' / They gon be pissed off," he spits. "When you Earnhart as me eventually you hit a big wall / 5-4-3-2 we need fuel / Lift off."

Meanwhile, Beyonce is on chorus duties as she sings, "We gonna take it to the moon / Take it to the stars / How many people you know can take it this far? / I’m super charged / 'Bout to take this whole thing to Mars."

The planetary-themed hook and lyrics on 'Lift Off' have some critics complaining that the song is nothing more than just nonsense. But those are metaphoric lines that are not meant to be taken literally. As for the criticisms that this song is a selfish get-rich anthem by the trio while their fans are living in a recession -- to that, we say, lighten up, it's a pop song.

'Lift Off' is a simple anthem about pursuing your dreams and taking them as far as you can. For a song to have an earnest message like that is rare nowadays. And for that, Hov, Yeezy and Bey should be commended for it not condemned.

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Listen to Jay-Z and Kanye West, 'Lift Off' Feat. Beyonce