Fresh from his prison bid, T.I. isn't resting on his rap laurels. After dropping 'I'm Flexin', the Atlanta rapper teams up with his 'Swagger Like Us' homies Jay-Z and Kanye West on the remix of 'N---as in Paris.' As T.I. states on the song, this is where the crown meets the Throne.

The song is not much different from the original version outside of T.I.'s verses, as the trio spit braggadocios rhymes. Tip reminds listeners why he's the king of ballers. "You know I (ball so hard) TIP is scary / Merci beaucoup in Paris / Parlez vous francais I say, Menage a trois today I say / I (ball so hard), hard out the park / Maybach chauffeured, I ain't got to park," he raps.

While rapping about ballin' seems out of place at a time when people are struggling financially in a recession, Jay-Z doesn't seem to mind it all. "I ball so hard m-----f---as want to fine me / First n----s got to find me / What's 50 grand to a m-----f---a like me, can you please remind me?" he rhymes. Meanwhile, Kanye is relishing in bagging hot model babes. "You know how many hot b---hes I own / Don’t let me in my zone," he says.

Hov and 'Ye are about to kick off their joint Watch the Throne tour on Oct. 29 in Atlanta. We wouldn't be surprise if T.I. joins the Throne onstage for a powerhouse performance of 'N---as in Paris.' Now that would be cray.

Listen to Jay-Z and Kanye West, 'N---as in Paris' Feat. T.I.