We all know that Jay-Z and Kanye West are balling out of control on their hit single, 'N----s in Paris' -- so it's only right that the Grammy-winning duo's anthem gets remixed for the NBA's All-Star Game.

Cable network TNT kicked off their NBA All-Star Game coverage with their All Star Saturday Night intro, which incorporated footage from previous All-Star Game competitions into the Throne's kaleidoscopic 'N---as in Paris' video. The Saturday night festivities, a warm-up to Sunday's All-Star Game, included the Three-Point Shootout, Shooting Stars Competition and the highly-watched Slam Dunk Contest.

Among the lyrics utilized in the promo include Jay-Z's line, "Ball so hard / I gotta behave / Just might let you meet Ye / Chi town, D. Rose / I’m movin’ the Nets to BK." Elsewhere, Yeezy's "provocative" rhyme, "Doctors say I’m the illest / 'Cause I’m suffering from realness / Got my n----s in Paris / And they going gorilla, huh!" is also used.

This video promo is a slam dunk in our eyes and a great example of how to mix music and sports together without looking too ambiguous. Yep, TNT's NBA All-Star Game promo mash-up is cray!

Watch TNT's 2012 All Star Saturday Night Intro -- 'N----s In Paris' Video