Jay-Z and Kanye West are facing some opposition to their throne. The unstoppable rap duo are facing heat from a U.K. epilepsy group over their new 'N----s in Paris' video.

The frenetically paced video has a kaleidoscopic lens and an abundance of flashing lights, lasers and strobes. As a result, the Throne included a warning that it may not be appropriate for viewers with epilepsy. Unfortunately, a U.K.-based group called Epilepsy Action doesn't think the measure is sufficient enough when compared with the risk the video poses. A representative for the group also claims that despite what the warning says, Epilepsy Action never reviewed the clip.

"We are pleased to see that a warning has been put in place to make people with photosensitive epilepsy aware that the video may be harmful," Epilepsy Action spokeswoman Stacey Rennard told MTV (via Ace Showbiz). "However, the warning does not go far enough and the video is still potentially dangerous. Many people with photosensitive epilepsy, especially young people, do not know they have it until something triggers their first seizure."

Rennard was especially displeased with West, who faced similar issues with his video for 'All of the Lights.' "We would like to see the music industry show much more responsibility by not commissioning videos that contain potentially dangerous imagery," Rennard said.

While we certainly don't think Yeezy and Hov would want anyone else to suffer for their art, it's a little unfair to limit their artistic expression to appease others. However, another opponent has a point.

Another Epilepsy Action rep, Louise Cousins, said the warning was insufficient because a lot of photosensitive epilepsy patients don't know they have it. "Photosensitive epilepsy is most prevalent in those aged 7 to 19," Cousins said. "Everybody has a 'seizure threshold,' but somebody may have a tendency to have seizures but not come into contact with anything that has so far triggered it in them [until they view the video]."