In the video for 'Otis,' the first single from their 'Watch the Throne' album, Jay and 'Ye is chillin', to borrow their own lyrical phrase. That's right. Jay-Z and Kanye West have so much fun in the clip that it's infectious. The video starts out with a swanky black car -- it's a Maybach, which carries a hefty price tag and makes a Benz look like a Kia -- in the foreground.

There are white clad gentlemen surrounding it, as the rappers walk towards the car, clutching welding gear. The luxury car is quickly dismantled and transformed into a hot rod/road racer that doesn't look street legal. It's the 'Watch the Throne' Batmobile, if you will.

There isn't much extraneous plot here. At all. It's mostly footage of Jay and Ye racing the car on a dusty, closed track; those shots are spliced with scenes of the duo rapping in front of a massive American flag. They're both wearing white shirts and bro'ing the entire time, putting their arms around each other and boasting ear-to-ear grins. The only other people in the video are a few young girls, who are also driving around the closed course. The rappers and the ladies don't interact much. It's almost as though the video for 'Otis' celebrates the duo's friendship and their collaborative chemistry.

There's wasn't much information about the Spike Jonze-directed video available beforehand. Regardless, the clip was about Jay-Z and Kanye West letting loose and doing what they do best, which is trade verses.

Watch Jay-Z and Kanye West 'Otis' Video