Jay-Z and Kanye West's celebrated album 'Watch the Throne' may have been a perfect hip-hop LP, but did you ever wonder what it would have sounded like under some dance-oriented direction? Wonder no more because Los Angeles-based production duo Market Price -- Valentino and DJ GOJ!RA -- decided to remixed the entire album using dubstep and electro beats.

The remix album titled 'Mark The Throne' is a hypnotic listening experience as Market Price flips the sound of 'WTT' by adding dance grooves and keyboard synthesizers sans Hov and Yeezy's lyrics. Tracks like the somber 'Murder to Excellence' gets an energetic beat treatment, while 'Otis' bumps along over a mellow electro-dub groove. Elsewhere, 'N----s in Paris' rocks with its tribal drums and the pop-sounding 'Why I Love You' is remixed into an orchestral dance anthem with computerized hiccups and burps.

Market Price did a great job of bringing a unique sound to the album, which they say took them over a month to remix. They might have kicked off a trend here with their 'Mark the Throne' project. We wouldn't be surprised if there are producers out there working on a 'Watch the Throne' mash-up album. Either way, it's good to hear creative minds at work.

Listen to Market Price's, 'Mark The Throne' (Remix of Jay-Z and Kanye West, 'Watch the Throne')