We're sure Kanye West and Jay-Z stand behind every track on their 'Watch the Throne' album, but if we had to guess which song from the record is their favorite, we wouldn't think twice before making the obvious choice: 'Ni--as in Paris.'

As Rolling Stone points out in a recent article, the Top 10 hit dominated the set list on the 'Watch the Throne' tour, popping up more than any other song -- in fact, they've been known to perform it as many as 11 times in a single show!

With the tour ending last Sunday, the RS staff decided to take a look at just how many times 'Ni--as in Paris' was played during Ye and Jay's 34-date run, and after crunching the numbers, they discovered some pretty impressive stats. The song was performed an amazing 168 times, including 19 times between their two L.A. dates on December 13 and 14, and an eyebrow-raising 11 times during their December 17 concert in Vancouver. (Ironically, the duo never performed the song in Paris.)

All in all, it's estimated that they spent just over 613 minutes performing the song on tour -- more than enough time to watch 'Titanic' three times, watch 26 episodes of 'Full House,' or fly non-stop from New York to Paris -- and apparently never got tired of it. Like we said: pretty impressive.

Take a look at the (quite in-depth) list of 'Paris' stats Rolling Stone compiled. What do you think -- is Kanye and Jay-Z's love for the song justified?