Jay-Z tends to stay silent on social media outlets like Twitter, but today (July 8), HOV went totally H.A.M. with his tweets.

Four days after the release of his album 'Magna Carta Holy Grail,' Jay-Z emerged from the Twitter shadows to field all sorts of random questions from his fans, including his thoughts on Miley Cyrus, why the Illuminati rules, and the reason Kanye West was missing from his new album.

Mr. Carter (Twitter handle @S_C_) retweeted tons of questions from Twitter users,  although he made it very clear that "140" was "not enough," shedding light on everything from his favorite tracks on his new album to his favorite brand of breakfast cereal within brackets. He also frequently made use of the phrase "*mylaugh," much to the amusement of his fans. Check out some highlights from Jay-Z's completely candid and very amusing Twitter chat below.

Here's the first "*mylaugh" tweet heard round the world.

And what his wife, Beyonce (aka Mrs. Carter), thought of his recent Twitter activity.

Then he just messed with people for a while...

And talked about Miley Cyrus and the Illuminati...

But then he talked about his new album!

And what it was like working with Rick Rubin and Wondagurl...

And a possible 'Watch the Throne' part deux?

And his favorite breakfast cereal!

And the historical figure he idolizes most!

And finally, what's the biggest lesson Mr. Carter has learned being in the music biz?

Feeling enlightened, HOV fans? If you're craving more Jay-Z tidbits, you can check out his entire Twitter chat by clicking here.