Jay-Z's announcement that he would perform two benefit shows at New York's historic Carnegie Hall is not only good for hip-hop but for the youth, as well. Ticket sales from the show will go towards helping low-income high-school students go to college. The rap mogul is orchestrating this show in efforts to give young people "an opportunity."

"That really bothers me, someone who really applies themselves and wants to go [to college] and they can't further their education because of their situation, because of money or because they have to stay in the house to watch their [siblings]," Jay tells MTV News. "Something about that really bothers me."

Hov's Carnegie Hall shows will take place on Feb. 6 and 7, and tickets are pricey -- from $500 to $2,500. But don't fret, on Jan. 30, a number of inexpensive tickets will go on sale to the public.

In the end, we can't afford to have a generation of uneducated youth because their dreams are beyond their grasp. Jay-Z knows how important it is for young people to get an education and see the world beyond their 'hood.

"We're not just doing a show for the sake of it," he says. "For all these years, [the Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation has] been really grassroots. My mom has been getting on the bus herself and taking kids to orientation and doing this work by herself. Now … We're building this thing out."

We want to give props to Jay-Z for his ongoing charitable efforts. Other rappers need to follow to suit. Where y'all at?

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