Jay-Z's controversial "Occupy All Streets" T-shirts are back occupying Rocawear's online store. The much-maligned tees were removed from the website Saturday morning (Nov. 12) but are now available for $22 in sizes medium to 2XL.

Rocawear have been receiving a lot of flack over the cotton tees by the media and fans. Some people are questioning if the company's CEO Jay-Z, who is obviously a member of the wealthiest 1 percent, is profiting off the Occupy Wall Street movement (aka 99 per centers).

OWS supporter Russell Simmons has come to Hov's defense stating that the rap mogul has never made an official announcement about where the money was going.

Jay-Z and Rocawear has not responded to the media regarding their T-shirt, as of yet. According to clothing label's website, the shirts are on back order but are scheduled to ship on Dec. 16, just in time to fill those Christmas stockings.

Hopefully, Rocawear will figure out a way to donate the money responsibly to the OWS protesters. It would be a good gesture on Jay-Z's part and will simmer down the controversy over his garment.

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