Chris Brown wowed audiences with his aerial number at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards last night, but while many celebs rose to their feet after the star's performance, Jay-Z refused to cheer for the R&B singer.

Brown's performance included skillful choreographed numbers, set to a medley of hits by Wu-Tang Clan, Nirvana and Brown’s own ‘F.A.M.E.’ album. The singer even indulged the audience with acrobatics, with the aid of guide wires.

Although he lip-synced to 'Beautiful People,' the song got West pumped up, and Justin Bieber began clapping and mouthing "That's my boy." However, while a majority of the audience gave Brown a standing ovation, Jay-Z remained in his seat, sipping on a beverage.

A video of the performance shows the rap mogul and father-to-be watching Brown with little emotion on his face. At the 0:49 mark, he seems disinterested, but at the 2:47 mark he looks like he's trying to see what's going on. Then when everyone was cheering for Brown, Jay-Z remains unmoved at the 4:38 mark.

Jigga discovered Rihanna, so that could be the reason for his detachment, but plenty of Ri-Ri supporters  (i.e. Yeezy and Biebs) aren't letting the past affect their feelings about the 'Look at Me Now' singer. To each his own.

Watch Chris Brown Perform at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards