That Jay-Z, he's always thinking of us! The hip-hop mogul took to his Life + Times blog to share a few photos of his time in the studio recording 'Watch the Throne' with fellow icon Kanye West. When you flip through the pics, keep your eyes peeled for Beyonce, who pops up in a photo unexpectedly like a living, female Where's Waldo. You may notice Pharrell in there, too. The pics were shot while the larger-than-life duo was recording the co-record on multiple continents, from Europe and Australia and back to American soil at the Mercer Hotel in New York City.

Z kicked off his lifestyle blog back in April, and has given us peeks into his life ever since -- like the time he shared a video of his wife Sasha Fierce rehearsing a new song in the dressing room pre-'Idol.' He and West have obviously been hard at work spouting out rhymes and laying down beats for their forthcoming collab, 'Watch the Throne,' which is expected ... Well, sometime this fall. We're still holding tight on that release date, but the current speculation is Aug. 2. In the meantime, we've got the full track listing to keep us warm tonight until world domination drops album style.