Jayme Dee caught our attention with her supremely awesome cover of Britney Spears' smash single 'Toxic.' You can check that rendition out below, but before you do that, realize that but this blond beauty and former YouTube sensation is not going to traffic in covers or do makeovers of already established songs forever.

Rather, she is coming into her own and dropping her new single 'Tip Toes,' which will hit radio on Aug. 21.

The singer, who just wrapped a tour with Owl City, will shoot the video in Los Angeles next week. She was plucked from the confines of YouTube, where her bedroom covers garnered a whopping 13 million views and over 100,000 subscribers.

'Tip Toes' is a sunny pop song with a bit of an island vibe, mixed with a little bit of old school styling. If Katy Perry and Rihanna harvested some of their DNA and threw it in a test tube with a dash of Amy Winehouse's much-missed, throwback edge and Colbie Caillat's eternal summer vibe, the result would be Jayme Dee. We know that sounds strange on paper, but the execution is pretty right on.

Watch Jayme Dee Cover Britney Spears