Jazzlyn Little is all of 16 years old, and while she was a bundle of nerves who said that singing is her escape from reality, the sweet girl had zero confidence when she stood alone on the 'X Factor' stage. She was trembling backstage, which is to be expected, and she couldn't banter with Simon Cowell before her performance. He noted that she wasn't doing a very good job of selling herself, especially when she said her YouTube videos only got 500 hits. It made Cowell wonder if it was her or the songs she was singing that failed to connect or ignite on the viral level.

Our expectations were low at this point, but Jazzlynn Little's voice soared high when she offered up her soulful, arena-filling version of Mary J. Blige's 'I'm Going Down.' Our first impressions were shot to hell once she got into the meat of the song.

Jazzlyn Little has a superstar name that comes complete with a superstar voice, according to judge L.A Reid. Cowell told her he'd love to see her with confidence. Perhaps the show will help her develop it, since she has pure, raw, undeniable talent. That's the building block of success and if fostered properly, Little can and will blossom. She has a voice that is wise beyond her years.

We'll see her at Boot Camp and beyond.