JCPenney wants women to rise to the fashion occasion in its 2014 'Rise' commercial. The spot follows the lives of different women, focusing on their clothes, which inspire repeat wearings. There's a retro, rich and anthemic track underneath the voiceover, which matches the energy of the 30-second spot. What's the song?

It's Valerie June's 'You Can't Be Told,' which appears on her fourth record, 'Pushin' Against a Stone.'

The singer, who's from Tennessee and was born Valerie June Hockett, offers up a hybrid of blues, soul, country, Appalachian, folk and bluegrass on her album. Ultimately, her sound is distinctly American, as is the vibe of the commercial. She even calls her style "organic moonshine roots music."

The album was critically acclaimed and released last August via Sunday Best Recordings. It was co-produced by Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys.

Hopefully, the fact that it was used in a commercial for a major retailer will help bring the spotlight to Valerie June even further. Besides, it's cool for a commercial about women and their love affair with clothes to feature a song by a woman having a passionate romp with her craft -- music!