JDA is the Adam Lambert of Season 12 of 'American Idol.' The flashy, fabulous and flamboyant hopeful wore heels, lots of eyeliner, black nail polish and loads of glitter, which shimmered under the bright, hot stage lights. On tonight's (Feb. 21) sudden death episode in Las Vegas, where 10 male contestants duked it out for five slots, he performed Adele's retro soul track 'Rumor Has It.' It was a gutsy move. If you're going to try your hand -- er, voice -- at an Adele song on a vocal competition reality show, you better buh-ring it. Did JDA rise to the challenge?

Well, JDA isn't the most acrobatic vocalist on Season 12, but he certainly did something new and different with the song, which was a smart choice. He put more of JDA into it, writhing on the ground and being generally faboo.

He was unforgettable because of his confidence and because of his look. He was able to make up for what he lacked in some vocal range by being so outrageous and keeping us interested due to his panache.

JDA also earned points for stepping up the pace of the episode, since up until he performed, it was all emotional ballads, which can get a little zzzzzzzzzzz. JDA sashayed onto the stage and did his thing with flash and flair, waking us up.

He certainly studies at the Adam Lambert School of Flashy Pop Rockdom.