Even though Jean-Paul Gaultier recently interviewed Lady Gaga, the designer has expressed that Mother Monster is no match for the likes of Madonna. Gaultier recently spoke to Último Secundo while in Brazil for a film screening, and he said that Queen Madge is still the reigning queen of pop.

"Working with Madonna has been a fabulous experience, one of the best of my career. We have the same vision. She’s unique. She’s feminine, but at the same time, she’s the biggest man I know. She’s an incredible woman," Gaultier said (via Madonnarama).

Despite his tight relationship with the (arguably) new queen of pop, Lady Gaga, Gaultier also said that she will never be able to match up to the 'Material Girl.' "Nobody can be like Madonna. [Lady Gaga] does things that Madonna has already done. Madonna is also very beautiful. She can be a blond, a redhead, black-haired. Lady Gaga can’t do it," he said.

Do you think Lady Gaga will be offended by Gaultier's comments? Or do you think she agrees that no one can surpass Madonna in the pop realm?