Country crooner Jeff Jenkins had an emotional bond with Carrie Underwood's 'Jesus, Take the Wheel' for his live performance on tonight's edition of 'The Voice.'

Jenkins, a member of Adam Levine's team, has talked about the recent loss of his mother on previous episodes of 'The Voice.' He said that Underwood's song "means so much" to him, as he went through some dark times when his mom passed away.

"Because you're so emotionally connected to it, that has to be conveyed [in your performance]," Levine told Jenkins. "I want it to be the emotional tearjerker it's meant to be, so I can make my mom proud," said Jenkins.

Jenkins started out a little timid on the first verse during the live performance, but then showcased his powerful country twang on the song's chorus. He seemed to really take on the spirit of the song as he sung, and was a bit broken up at the end of the tune.

Immediately after the performance, host Carson Daly said to Jenkins, "Momma was proud of that one." Levine told his team member, "You did such an incredible job that it's almost as if I completely forgot about the fact that this is a competition."

Watch Jeff Jenkins Perform 'Jesus Take the Wheel'